About Us – We have been restoring companies for over 20 years, supporting clients from all over the world.

Certificate of Good Standing –  A Certificate of Good Standing is a company document that states that a company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its incorporation.

Company Restoration Enquiry – On completion of our restoration enquiry form we can provide a detailed estimate and timeframe, the services required and time to complete your company restoration.

Court Order Company Restoration – Here you will find some of the most regularly asked questions regarding company restoration.

Contact Us – We are happy to answer any of your questions by email or telephone or a visit to our offices.

Company Restoration FAQ – Here you will find some of the most regularly asked questions regarding company restoration.

Home – We have assisted our clients in restoring companies in many countries worldwide, using our trusted network of international agents and partners.

Belize Company Restoration – can be achieved either through an Administrative Restoration or a Court Order Restoration. We can restore a Belize IBC.

Bahamas Company Restoration – We can assist to restore a Bahamas IBC. A Bahamas Company Restoration is only possible through a Court Order from the Bahamas High Court.

BVI Company Restoration – We offer both Administrative Restoration (less than 6 years since strike off) and Court Restoration (over 6 years since strike off)  services in the BVI.

Gibraltar Company Restoration – We can restore your Gibraltar company after it has been struck-off. Gibraltar Company Restoration can be achieved through Administrative or Court restoration.

Hong Kong Company Restoration – We can assist with Hong Kong Company Restoration through Administrative company restoration. We restore your company in Hong Kong through our partners.

Ireland Company Restoration – Following a company dissolution, we can assist with the company restoration to the Irish company register.

International Company Restoration – We have assisted clients to restore companies around the world.

Panama Company Restoration – Once a company is struck off the Registro Público de Panamá we are able to assist with the Panama company restoration process.

UK Company Restoration – Our UK office can assist with both an Administrative Restoration or a Court Restoration.