Belize Company Restoration

Do you need your Belize Company Restored to Unfreeze Assets or Continue Trading? Contact us for an Expert and Reliable Belize Company Restoration Service.

A struck-off or dissolved International Business Company in Belize can only be restored to the register with a Belize Company Restoration application to the International Business Companies Registry. We can assist with Restoring your Belize to the company register and getting the company back into Good Standing. Once the Belize company is restored it will regain access to all assets or property held by the Belize Government at time of strike-off.

To Restore your Belize company all penalties, outstanding charges and the Government restoration fee must be paid to the International Business Companies Registry.

Belize Administrative Company Restoration

If the name of a company has been struck-off the Register a creditor, director, shareholder or liquidator, will need to apply to either the International Business Companies Registry or the Belize company court to have the name of the company restored to the Register. The restoration required is dependent on the circumstances and time passed since the company was struck off the register.

Belize Company Restoration fees

Belize Company Restoration from: £2500 Including:

  • Compliance and Due Diligence fees
  • Registry and Penalty fees
  • BVI Registered Agent fees
  • System Day Ltd fees

Additional Company Restoration fees

2021 Renewal fees – £1125 Including:

  • Provision of Registered Office and Resident Agent, Government Fee, Company Secretary, Directors Register Maintenance

Court Restoration additional fees from – US$5000

  • Court fees if the company was struck off over 5 years ago.
  • Belize Legal fees including preparation of documents, filing at High Court Registry, and attending court
  • Belize Court Restoration fee
  • Lawyers Draft Affidavit

Belize Company Restoration Timescales

  • Administrative restoration takes from 3 – 4 weeks.
  • Court Restoration takes from 6 – 12 months

Belize Administrative Company Restoration

Once a company is struck-off there is a five year period in which the company may be restored through administrative restoration, after three years the Belize Registry moves to involuntarily dissolve the company. A dissolved company may still be restored through administrative restoration if all arrears and penalties are settled but the process will take much longer, is more complicated and will require special permission from the Registrar. We are able to advise with the restoration of dissolved companies and guide you through the process.

Belize Court Restoration

If the company was struck-off over 5 years ago it can no longer be restored solely by the International Business Companies Registry, it will also require authorisation from the Belize Company Court. To have the company restored via Court order will require a member of our team visiting the courts to gain a letter of no objection for the company to be restored from a judge before applying with the International Business Companies Registry. The process is more complicated and time consuming so the fees will be higher for this service.

Belize Company Struck Off – Not in Good Standing

If you Belize company fails to pay its renewal fees before December 31st, the company is struck-off the registry on the 1st January.
A Belize company struck-off the register is unauthorised to trade and is not in Good Standing with the authorities. 

A struck-off Belize company may not legally continue to trade or enter into any new transactions, and its directors, shareholders, managers and owners may not enter into any transactions with the assets of the Belize Company. If they do, they may be personally liable for any debts or legal consequences resulting from such transactions.

A Belize IBC company will not be able to sell any of its assets or property as long as the company is struck-off the company register.

Late Filing Penalties in Belize

Annual fees are due on 1st of January following the date of incorporation, if your company fails to pay the annual fees by the 31st July the licence fee will increase by 10%. If your company fails to pay the annual fees by the 31st October the licence fee will increase further by 50% and if your annual fees remain unpaid after the 31st day of December, your company will be struck from the Register of Companies.

Transferring Belize Registered Agent

A Belize company can only be restored by the registered agent on record, or the agent must be changed to a new agent undertaking the company restoration, which we can organise.

Restore your Belize Company

Complete our Company Restoration form and we can provide a detailed breakdown of restoration fees, along with a potential timeframe to have your Belize company restored to the register.