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    Closing a UK Company?

    If you no longer require your company and wish to have it struck off the register we can assist with a UK Company Dissolution. Our dissolution service has the company struck off at Companies House in accordance with the UK Companies Act and once the company is removed from the Register it no longer exists as a legal entity and cannot continue trading.

     If the company has any liabilities then it must apply for voluntary liquidation rather than company dissolution.

    Why have your UK Company Dissolved?

    Having your UK company voluntarily dissolved rather than struck off by Companies House has many advantages:

    • It is a straightforward process compared to company liquidation
    • It avoids formal investigation into the conduct of the directors as required in liquidation or receivership.
    • Maintains the company’s directors and shareholders reputation for future business ventures
    • It avoids the costs of liquidation, fees and expenses.

    Requirements for UK Company Dissolution

    We assist with UK company dissolution under Section 1003 of the Companies Act 2006, providing that the company meets the following requirements:

    • It has not traded in the last 3 months
    • Not changed the company name in the last 3 months
    • Is not subject to any legal proceedings
    • It hasn’t made a disposal of property

    Companies Act Extract

    Once Companies House confirms that the company is not carrying on business and is not in operation, its name may be struck off the register and dissolved without going through liquidation.

    Information we require from you

    In order to proceed with your company dissolution we require the following:

    • Does the company have a bank account
    • Is it VAT registered
    • Has the company ever filed a tax returns with HMRC
    • Does the company have any outstanding liabilities
    • have all the shareholders been informed and are in agreement

    Once you supply the above details, we can apply to Companies House on your behalf to have the company Voluntarily Struck Off and cease trading.

    Once the Company is Dissolved

    Once Companies House confirms the dissolution of the company it can no longer trade and is struck off the register. Any assets remaining in the company’s name will be held by the Crown as Bona Vacantia.

    To Proceed

    Simply complete our contact form with the company’s name and your relationship to the company and we will provide a fee and timescale estimate.