Panama Company Restoration

Do you need your Company Restored to unfreeze assets or continue trading? Contact us for an expert and reliable Panama Company Restoration.

Once a company is struck off the Registro Público de Panamá any assets held in the company’s name are passed to the Panama Registry and are no longer accessible, this includes bank accounts and property. If the company directors or shareholders wish to regain access to their assets a Panama company restoration is required.

We are able to assist with the Panama company restoration process to have the company successfully restored to the register. The Panamanian IBC seeking restoration must not of been struck off over 5 years ago and be up-to-date with all annual government fees, filings and penalties in order to be restored.

Panama Company Struck-Off

Once the Panama company has been struck off, neither the company nor any shareholders or directors may continue trading or in any way deal with the assets or affairs of the company.

When a company is struck off the register, it does not affect the liability of any of its shareholders, directors, officers or agents. Nor does it prevent any creditor from making a claim against the company, or the company from incurring liabilities.

Panama Company Restoration Process

To restore a struck-off company to the Panamanian Register the following fees must be paid:

  • Late payment fines
  • Government reinstatement fee
  • Overdue Government licence fees
  • Payment of all previous agent fees

We will need to see copies of the original share certificate showing who owns the Panama company. We will also require a copy of the company registers showing the company directors.

Once we receive these documents we will submit the restoration application and all additional filing requirements to have the company restored to the register.

Transferring Registered Agent

A Panama company can only be restored by the registered agent on record, or the agent can be transferred, which we can organise on your behalf. Changes of the registered agent must be filed by the current registered agent or lawyer resident in Panama.