About Us

Our Company

Companyrestoration.ie has restored companies in Ireland for over 20 years, supporting clients from all over the world.

Through our relationship with the Irish Companies Registration Office, we have access to their electronic filing scheme. Our membership with companies registry allows us quick and easy access to information held at the company registry. This allows us to provide a reliable service.

The Process

Our company restoration application process is simple and easy and there is no requirement for payment until we confirm we can complete your restoration. Our restoration service requires no visit to our office and can be completed online. Our experts are on hand to answer any question you may have and will respond to your enquiries within a few hours

Restoration Services

We answer your enquiry quickly and precisely with a detailed company restoration quotation. We also provide details on the potential different restoration options.

On completion of your company restoration, we provide you with a certificate of restoration.  Once restored the company can legally trade or perform any other services of a company.

Company Formation & Company Documents

Our parent company Formacompany.ie Ltd offers Irish Company Registration and provides Registered Office services to clients based overseas and locally. It is the perfect place for quick and reliable formation in Ireland.

Formacompany.ie also offers company document services including apostilled documents. For further information please visit incorporate.ie.