Restore a Company

Do you need your company restored to unfreeze assets or continue trading? Complete our restoration form for a reliable quotation and timescale to have your company restored.

The more information you can provide such as assets for recovery and time since strike-off, the more accurate a fee we can provide. No payment is required at this stage.  If none of this information is available a company search is required

Company Restoration Enquiry Form

    I was a

    Restoration Country

    Reason for Company Restoration
    To continue tradingTo recover an asset

    Timescale for Company Restoration

    The time to restore a company is dependent on what country it was incorporated in:

    Bahamas – The timeframe to restore a company  takes approximately 3 weeks but can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the strike off and the assets held by the company.

    Belize – Unfortunately, we cannot provide a precise timeframe to restore a Belize IBC until we can analyse the company’s situation through a company search.

    British Virgin Islands – If your company was struck off the register less than 6 years ago then an administrative restoration can be performed by the BVI Registry which takes 3 weeks to compete. If your company was struck off over 6 years ago, a court restoration is required which will take 3 to 6 months.

    Ireland – If your company was dissolved less than one year ago we can have it restored to the register within a few days by applying to and personally attending the Companies Registration Office. If the company was dissolved over 1 year ago a high court restoration is required which takes anywhere between 3 – 6 months.

    Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Companies Registrar does not abide by any time restrictions. It generally provides feedback on whether the application will be accepted and the length of time the restoration within a week.

    United Kingdom – If your company was dissolved less than 6 years ago we can apply for Administrative Restoration which takes 4 weeks. A company dissolved over 6 years ago require a Court Order Restoration and takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

    USA – It approximately takes  2-3 weeks to restore a company  to the register in the USA.  Expedited services are available at an additional fee for a faster restoration.

    Other – For information regarding other jurisdictions simply complete our form and we can provide an accurate timeframe.

     Who can apply to restore a company?

    Any of the following may make an application for a company restoration:

    • Any former director, shareholder or creditor.
    • Any person who had a contractual relationship with the company or who had a potential legal claim against the company.
    • Any person who had an interest in land or property in which the company also had an interest.
    • Any other person who appears to the Court to have an interest in the matter.

    Company Directors and Shareholders

    Once we restore the company on your behalf all previous director, shareholders, company secretary as well as the registered office address are automatically reinstated. The company is will return to a state of Good Standing as if it was never struck off once restored.

    Costs & penalties to restore a company

    In order for a company to be restored to the register certain fees and penalties must be made, these are:

    • Late filing fees 
    • Restoration fees
    • Court restoration fees if applicable 
    • The registered agent and office transfer fee
    • Our Service fees

    The fees and penalties are dependent on the jurisdiction where the company was struck off.