Ireland Company Dissolution

We can assist with the Dissolution of your Irish company through the proper channels

An Irish Company may be voluntarily struck-off the companies register if the assets and liabilities are worth no more than €150, or the balance sheet is zero. Ireland Company Dissolution through voluntary strike-off is the easiest and fastest way to have your company Dissolved.

Process for Irish Company Dissolution

We can carry out all necessary steps on your behalf to ensure your company is closed correctly in the fastest possible timescale in accordance with the Irish Companies Act 2014. 

The required steps we following to have the Irish company voluntarily struck-off are as follows:

  • File all Annual Returns and Accounts, so they are up to date
  • Draft director’s statement that the company has ceased trading or has never traded
  • Draft minutes of Board Meeting for directors and shareholders consent to the dissolution of the company
  • Send a Statement of Dissolution to the Irish Revenue Commissioners, requesting a letter of No Objection
  • Advertise in the Irish National daily newspaper
  • Preparation and filing of form H15 with the Companies Registration Office

Once we submitted the above, it takes approximately 3 months for the company to be struck-off the register.

Advantages of Voluntary Dissolution in Ireland

  • It is a quick and clean removal of a dormant or zero liability company from the Companies Register at the Companies Registration Office
  • Dissolution is less costly than liquidation in terms of fees and expenses
  • It avoids formal investigation into the conduct of the directors as required in liquidation or receivership